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    What is Floost?

    Floost is the easiest way to explore and follow your interests. It’s really as simple as signing up, and organising your interests with just a few clicks. 

    Now you can keep up with the most interesting things that are happening around topics you are passionate about, which are shared by top publishers in those domains, and by fellow like-minded Floost users. 

    You do not need to follow a particular user or publisher to get your feed on Floost. We try to understand your interests and recommend content that is the best of the lot for you. However, feel free to customize your list by choosing whom you want to follow. You can always expand or edit your lists whenever you want.

    How do I choose my interests?

    On your home page you will find your Boards, adjoining every board you will find an edit option. Click on the Edit button, you will be redirected to 'Stream' tab on User Settings page. For every board you can give your interest un 'Suggest Interest' section. They can be as specific as naming a personality (Usain Bolt), a travel destination (Solomon Islands) or even your favorite car (Ferrari). Save it and refresh your page to update your feed that matches your specifications. 

    All your interests are saved automatically but you can change them any time.

    Why should I sign in with Twitter or Facebook?

    If you find it easier to remember your Facebook or Twitter password you may find it useful to link your account. Once you have linked your account you will be able to sign into Floost quickly and often with a few clicks of a button rather than providing your details every time.

    Floost does not automatically share your content on your Facebook and Twitter pages. 

    You can turn 'on' your social button if you want to share your feeds or turn if 'off' if you don't.

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